Siding: Protection for your home


Siding is a cost effective way to protect your home from the elements, reduce home energy usage and enjoy the combining result of style, durability and ease of maintenance.  Our siding experts can help you choose the best options for your home with a wide variety of materials, sizes, colors and patterns. Our products are engineered and guaranteed to perform.


When someone looks at your home, what is the first thing they notice? The roof? Maybe. The windows? Quite possibly. But what about siding? It may very well be the first thing visitors notice. What’s more, siding acts like your home’s skin, protecting it from the elements. That’s why it’s essential that you get the best siding available to safeguard your home. For quality products, expert trim systems & professional installation,contact The Siding Store at: 1-888-867-1954 or click here
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Residential Roofing Experts

The Residential Roofing Experts

The Siding Store is dedicated to giving you a beautiful new roof that will protect your home for generations. Because the roof of your home plays such an important role in protecting the entire house, The Siding Store provides a thorough inspection of your home’s roof, and will locate any issues that may be causing leaks or damage.

With over 50 years experience and the most durable materials in the industry, we are fully equipped to handle any roofing job. We also offer expert advice, so our clients can make the best decision for their unique roofing needs. From the quality of our materials to the skilled installation provided by experienced craftsman, you can rely on The Siding Store to build a lasting, beautiful roof for your home at the best possible price.
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How to know when it’s time to replace your windows


So how do you know when it’s time to replace your windows?

Here’s a list of what to look for:

_ Drafts or windows that feel cold to the touch,

_ Howling or rattling windows,

_ Foggy windows or broken interior seals,

_ Single-pane windows lack insulation and energy efficiency

_ Replace decaying/rotted window frames with vinyl to prevent leaks

_ Windows that are difficult to open/close or windows that fall shut

_ Fading furniture in the home is a sign of light infiltration

_ Upgrade: replace your outdated windows with the latest updated features, styles and finishes.

Use this list to make your own home inspection or simply call the experts at The Siding Store for a free consultation on window replacement and of all of your home improvement needs.

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